How to Benefits from Backlinks Without Google

Many people are uncertain about the best way to get backlinks to their sites. There are one-way links, reciprocal links, nofollow links, paid links and more. This article will help you to improve your link building activities so that you get the most effective links for your site.

Step 1: ask the right question

If backlinks did not affect your rankings in any way, which type of backlinks would you build?

The answer is simple: you would focus on the links that deliver visitors to your website. If you get backlinks that deliver targeted visitors, you will make money with these links and you will increase your rankings at the same time.

Step 2: reconsider nofollow links

If a nofollow link drives visitors to your website then it’s still a good link. In addition, nofollow links contribute to the natural link profile of your website.

When you find a website that could be a good link partner, don’t worry about the nofollow attribute.

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